Thursday, August 13, 2009

Time and Unforeseen Occurrence

Biloxi, MS

So that picture was taken in Elvis' billiard room. Check out the wall paper. That's pretty sweet. So the ol' Time and Unforeseen occurence befall us all phrase is lifted directly from the bible, and is one of my favorite lines becuase it's basically bible-ese for Shit happens. Per the last post, Lizzie had a death in her family, and so we drove down to Gulfport so she could catch her flight. There was an intense storm, and we couldn't see past our windshield, so we had to pull over and sit in the break down lane with our flashers on and hope no one would barrel into us. Turns out everyone else was doing the same thing, because when the rain lifted a little, there were dozens of other cars chillin' in the breakdown lane. We'd go about half a mile, and then would be forced to pull over again while a particularly heavy blast of rain passed over. The best part was when the lightening kept repeatedly striking the highest object available, which was a gigantic highway sign for Target. Oh, nature, you and your sense of humor.

Luckily we made it to the airport in time for Lizzie to catch her flight to Boston, which had a layover in Memphis. I drove to our hotel, which is a casino/resort monstrosity in Biloxi. Gambling is depressing, and most of the guests here are elderly and disabled, and probably wasting buckets and buckets of money which could be used on much awesomer things, like a 100% guaranteed sandwich. I like those odds much better. I forgot to mention that you can smoke everywhere down here, in the bars, the hotels, etc. I was on the elevator with a man who was on oxygen and smoking, and I was pretty sure that was it for me. Anyway, Lizzie's connector flight kept getting delayed and delayed, and finally she called me to let me know that her flight had been totally cancelled, and that she was stuck in Memphis for the night (which is a 10 hour drive from here). There were no more connecting flights home, so she had to stay the night in a skeezy Marriott, and flew back out to Gulfport this morning, unfortunately missing the funeral she'd been trying so hard to get to.

But we've been reunited, and apparently there is a pool on top of our parking garage, which calls for checking out, unless we get more of that torrential rain. I'll have to check the doppler first. Tonight we're hoping to make our way out to Alabama for dinner, because why not?

Also, as a secondary bummer, I just read that Les Paul passed away. It's pretty amazing that he was able to keep playing music even to age 94.

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